P & A Services

  • Dump Bailer
  • Junk basket/gauge ring
  • Chemical cuts
  • Tubing Jet cuts
  • Casing cuts
  • Perforating
  • Thru tubing plug setting
  • Casing plug setting
  • All downhole mechanical operations: sand bailing, paraffin cutting, gas lift work, surveys, plug pulling and settting


All A&W Wireline Units are compact in design to allow for operation in areas where space is an issue. The units are designed to cover all aspects of the P&A process such as, plug setting and pulling, tubing cuts, tubing perforation, fishing, etc. Each unit is equipped with double drums. The braided line drum is equipped with 7/32” electric-line. This line can be changed to 7/32” Diacam line at customers request. Our units are set up to quickly convert from Electric Line to Slickline with minimal manipulation. All units are also equipped with Wilton vises mounted on the side for easy re-head and pinning of tools.


Hydraulic Sidewinder Unit

  • 25,000 feet of 0.108" slickline
  • Swing out seating
  • 4 speed Funk Transmission
  • Hydraulic operationy
  • 60 Gallon Hydraulic tank
  • 24 Gallon Diesel tank
  • 35 GPM Hydraulic motor
  • 84.5 HP Kubota Engine
  • Hydraulic log box for all slickline logging applications


Double Drun Wireline Unit

  • 25,000’ X 7/32" drum 500 degree braided electric line
  • 25,000’ X .108 slickline drum
  • 1 ¼” Hyd. Supply w/1 ¼” 4-way valve
  • Close cab, AC unit W/100Amp. AC Supply
  • Geo log 5000# counter head system
  • 4 speed Funk Transmission

2-Stage Hydraulic Power Pack Unit

  • 126 HP. Iveco Engine
  • 2 stage Pump (38 and 21) w/ 90GPM oil cooler
  • 60 GPM @ 1200 RPM and 90 GPM @ 1700 RPM
  • 268 Gal. Hyd. Tank
  • 69 Gal diesel Tank


Explosive Storing and Shipping Boxes

Our explosives magazines are constructed to exceed ATF regulations. All mags are fabricated with 1/4'” steel, aluminum lids, and lined with ½” plywood. We also offer aluminum cap mags that can be hand carried. The cap mags also meet or exceed ATF regulations for transport of 1.4 explosives.