Wireline Services

  • Packer, retainer, and plug setting
  • Dump bailer
  • Pump down perforating
  • Thru tubing perforating
  • Cased hole perforating
  • Gamma Ray
  • Gamma Ray Neutron
  • Segmented Bond Log
  • All Production wireline and slickline services

All A&W Wireline Units are compact in design to allow for operation in areas where space is an issue. The units are designed to cover all aspects of the P&A process such as, plug setting and pulling, tubing cuts, tubing perforation, fishing, etc Each unit is equipped with double drums. The Slickline drum is equipped with 25,000 feet of standard .108 carbon slickline. Our units are set up to quickly convert from Slick Line to Electric Line with minimal manipulation. All units are also equipped with Wilton vises mounted on the side for easy re-head and pinning of tools.